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"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do!!"
-Steve Jobs

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Innovation and Incubation Centre was inaugurated on 9th November 2016 by U.P Government in our college. It's key purpose is to enhance the latest academic research,bringing about the new innovative ideas technologically, socially and economically and to promote the startup ecosystem in the college. Government of Uttar Pradesh has unveiled the " U.P IT & Start U.P Policy" to foster the Entrepreneurship and promote innovation by creating an ecosytem that conducive for the growth of startups in states. Department of IT & Electronics shall nominate its nodal agency to promote Incubators, IT/IES startups.

Key Objectives -

1. Organising workshops and conferences
2.Facilitating University- Industries Collaboration
3.Engaging with regional and local economics developmental efforts.

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For More Information -
Dr. Harsh Vikram Singh
Mobile: +91-9415763939

What is an E-cell?

E-Cell works in collaboration with Alumni, faculty and the students committee. It aims to promote entrepreneurship drive among the students of KNIT. We shall be responsible for broadening up the link between student and alumni. Our works shall be for the development of start up, in and outside the campus.

E-Cell caters the need of today's fast growing tech colleges by giving an idea to manage and manipulate the market strategies, knowledge and idea of competitive world. It is an endeavour, not only for entrepreneurs but also for the students who desire to have a better professional persona. This shall help students grow positive attitude towards entrepreneurship and help them foster a start-up individually.

Message To Alumni

Alumni of our college have brought laurels to remember. We have them as Civil Servants, Professors in IITs, at high posts in MNCs or as ENTREPRENEURS. No doubt they have excelled in every field. They are the only wealth a college possess. Thus it is our sole responsibility to acknowledge them all. E-Cell, as a team, invites KNIT alumnus to join this endeavor and register themselves on the website.

Fund Management

E-Cell receives its funds from the college. We, as a team, shall try to raise the funds more through sponsorship. These funds shall be monitored by Alumni, Faculty and student committee. The grants of Alumni are a source for funding this organization as well.


Entrepreneurship Symposium 2k17

(Student's workshop on Innovation and startup)

E-Cell , KNIT Sultanpur is all set to organise a workshop on " Awareness of Entrepreneurship" among the students of our college under Innovation And Incubation center[IIC]. Entrepreneurship education is considered as one of the most influential forces that determine the healthy economy of a country.So, considering the importance of right entrepreneurship culture and education for growth and developement the workshop "E-SYMPOSIUM" aims to enhance the entrepreneurial and business developmental skills so that they may also strive to be an entrepreneur.

Date: Wednesday, 8th February 2017




Entrepreneurship begins from the minds of the people. It grows and further embeds itself in the consciousness when discussions are built. These discussions get common man involved in a subject. Such an event will prosper the growth of entrepreneurship culture in KNIT.

Entrepreneurship Cell, KNIT Sultanpur takes up an initiative to call the speakers who will motivate students towards entrepreneurship. They can be our alumni, a company representative or any guest of honor. Conducting this event shall be an impetus to the already growing start up culture here. In the recent past, KNIT has witnessed start ups growing but not prospering as they should. A proper guidance from the mentors, the already entrepreneurs and our alumni can be a catch to make these start ups a success. Thus E-Cell Community, KNIT Sultanpur will be conducting Interactive Sessions, Panel Discussions and Seminars to make people aware about entrepreneurship, to make them interested in the field and help them grow professionally. This would personally help ideal minds to take a step ahead towards entrepreneurship.



What is life when we don’t have elders to guide us? Isn’t it worthless? Someone has rightly said,”If you don’t have elders, you don’t have guidance”. Thus to have guidance we connect here.

“Nobody is bothered about its institution more than it’s alumni” – N.R. Narayan Murthy

Costal is an initiative by E-Cell to make world aware about the achievements of the alumni of KNIT. They are the only source through which we have come to know about our college and its history. Their achievements and their laurels must not go unnoticed and thus we present some news related to our achievers. Connecting Students with Alumni of the institution is what makes E-Cell unique of all. This perhaps gives the young engineering entrepreneurs a platform to present their start up ideas. With a step towards a well connected KNIT society, E-Cell shall conceivably be able to make the environment more “StartUp Friendly”.

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25 DEC 2016

Startup Updates

In the world where ideas drive the economy ,it's no wonder that innovation and entrepreneurship are often seem to inseperable fellows. Entrepreneurship is turning an idea into a business by means of technology . It's truth as said by many entrepreneurs that it is a stong desire to take risks , responsibility.

The startup vocabulary mainly consists of resilience,survival, strategy, profitability. As in india , this year funds get dried up , a number of promising startup shuttered while others laid off employees. Flipkart , Snapdeal and Ola the poster children of indian startup scene, watched their valuation dropping , whereas Amazon and Uber with their strategic and detroited business model put their valuation appreciated . Apple too put their stake in indian startup TUPLEJUMP which is startup based on artificial intelligence and involves machine learning that helps companies to store , process and visualise big data. Oyo rooms which is a service based startup for premium accomodation raised the fund of $100 million from Japan's company Softbank. So, overall we can summarize that successful entrepreneurs are not driven by money ,they are driven by achievements. Sure, making money can be nice , but biggest reason why they are successful is because they are pursuing a higher purpose than themselves. They want to make a difference although money is good but changing the world is better. Entrepreneurship requires committment and dedication to their ideas , vision and businesses in order to make goal happen.

11 Nov 2016

How will E-Cell work?

Entrepreneurship Cell in KNIT will help the young budding engineer entrepreneurs to cultivate their ideas and harvest them as a successful start up. For this, E-Cell has teams that shall put their effort best to make the idea a success.

MARKETING: This setup under E-Cell aims for fund raising of the events. It is also responsible for contacting the companies for sponsorship and maintaining corporate relationship.
MEDIA AND PUBLICITY: It is the part under the E-cell system that manages the coverage and promotion of workshop. It manages the publicity of the events taking place under the E-Cell oraganization. It publicises various events through online medium.
EVENTO: This part of the E-Cell shall look after organizing events in the college campus. This setup is responsible for organizing lectures for entrepreneurship drive and mentoring young entrepreneurs.This setup under E-Cell looks after ground solutions and help in reaching out to other campuses.
WEB DESIGN: A website developed to update the information about the upcoming events and programs. Sole purpose of the website shall be to entice various entrepreneurs to fund the innovative ideas. These ideas shall be put up on the website and help the young engineer entrepreneurs to give them a platform for their start up.